Fuel growth and increase market share, with our enterprise grade omni-channel platform.

We bring innovation and creativity and importantly real-time marketing which enables you
to respond quickly and meaningfully to opportunities and threats.

We make it easy to manage marketing campaigns across all your channels — email, website, mobile, social, SMS, direct mail, and in-store.

We enable our clients with a fast route to manage the complexity of multiple channels, devices.

Right offer -> Right Channel -> Right Context

The key is true one-to-one marketing while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your email and cross-channel marketing programs.
The catch phrase multi-channel marketing is prevalent. Simply implementing a standalone digital marketing solution won’t set you apart.

Our Marketing Suite Incorporates

Marketing Automation

Real time omni channel marketing
Leverage the data in real time you’ve collected on each customer

Omnichannel Personalisation Engine

Aggregate data from various channel sources incl loyalty program, commerce channels

Customer Data Management

Centralised 360-degree view
Segmentation and scoring system

Global Loyalty provides you with a cohesive strategy that leverages each unique channel and delivers an end to end seamless experience for your customers.

Our commerce and loyalty processes are an extension of the marketing capabilities… we empower our clients to convert marketing into sales by creating more intelligent interactions across all channels.

Data insights gleaned from loyalty programs are invaluable to drive personalised marketing. Our loyalty module delivers these insights straight into the marketing solution. Segmentation and event driven promotions can be quickly setup and access data directly from the loyalty management module.

Loyalty Data / Insights -> Marketing -> Commerce Processes

Global Loyalty Marketing module is functionally the equal of many well-known standalone marketing solutions with complete omni-channel reach

Mobile is the mechanism bridging between online and retail. Mobile commerce sales are small compared to mobile-influenced sales. The mobile experience is important as a mechanism to influence the entire path to purchase.

  • SMS
  • Mobile location and proximity (beacon)
  • Email
  • Social Media extensions
  • Web personalisation
  • Commerce and Loyalty Promotions