Loyalty, it’s in our name...

So we had to build the leading next generation solution for loyalty program management.

How to create a loyalty program that really works? New loyalty requires new solutions.
As customers’ preferences change brands must evolve to attract new customers and grow their online businesses.

Our enterprise-class omni channel commerce capabilities enable you to provide your customers with a highly customized, seamless experience no matter where or how they shop.

Let’s start with what loyalty is no longer simply about… The rise of digital commerce makes it critical for businesses to optimize the customer’s journey on every device and at every touchpoint.

Loyalty management has traditionally been a bottom up approach (and still is for many of the established loyalty management groups) which is principally about a fulfilment / reward catalog solution with new channel options progressively bolted on in a fragmented manner.

Our approach was first and foremost about customer experience and omni-channel communication. It’s about creating seamless, frictionless touch points for the customer.The Global Loyalty commerce platform is a state-of-the-art B2C and B2B shopping experience that maximizes conversions and revenue for your organization.

Everything from this point is about understanding your customer and ability to execute personalised and targeted communications. Yes, we do rewards fulfilment but unlike limited catalog models our environment is dynamic and collaborative.See below why we believe its unrivalled in its breath of options and flexibility. It’s a high performance, scalable commerce solution and brings together a set of compelling online and mobile capabilities that are feature rich, conversion focussed and built to grow with your business.

Our omni-channel approach is revitalising loyalty programs and significantly raising customer engagement…its delivering far higher levels of loyalty and with that uplift in revenue. Agility, flexibility and simplicity are hallmarks of our solution, we offer intuitive and compelling consumer experiences consistently across multiple channels.

Coalition Loyalty Management

Support for vertical single program models is a given but the measure of any loyalty management platform is the ability to support the complexities of a coalition model with many participants and associated business rules.

Coalition platforms have traditionally been bespoke / closed environments with limited collaborative partner capabilities (or even partner self-service reporting).

The flexibility and unrivalled richness of our commerce solution is further demonstrated by its ability to natively support many complex sector specific commerce requirements.

From the outset Global Loyalty built a powerful business network framework that provides a foundation that enables plug-n-play merchant partner capabilities and even cross partner collaboration.

Our coalition partner network and loyalty business rule framework is a key to how coalition program will be configured and operated.


Complete loyalty lifecycle from flexible customer registration, comprehensive promotion capabilities, multi-channel earning and redemption through to referral:

  • Highly configurable business network framework that supports the complexities of coalition and group loyalty programs
  • Support for complex earn promotions with rules defined at any level (program channel, tier, partner, product category through to SKU).
  • Points plus cash.
  • RFM metrics / dynamic segmentation / activity & basket Value analysis
  • Tier structure with associated achieve and maintain tier status rules.
  • User defined reporting capabilities (pivots etc.) including conversions, referrals, registrations, margins, etc.
  • Customer account management / CRM capabilities and tracking of purchase history, channel reports, promotion response etc.
  • Redemption channel options for practically any product type from travel (air, accommodation, experiential rentals), digital, merchandise and ticketing. Fully automated communication, fulfilment and financial processing back to supplier source.