Our experienced team has brought a fresh approach to building customer loyalty

The partners behind Global Loyalty have a proven track record in delivering complex mission critical global solutions. We saw an opportunity to disrupt the accepted but dated approach to building customer loyalty… many established companies talk about moving from a reward / catalog approach to a customer centric model that is omni-channel, delivers relevancy & personalisation and choice… but are constrained by technology

Disruption in a sector is often not from within. Engrained methods, outdated technology and a ‘proven way of doing things’ often constrain forward thinking… we had no such constraints and simply built a market leading modern solution that delivers.

We are not new at disrupting sectors

Our expertise reaches across both the financial services and E-commerce areas, where we've previously developed and deployed highly successful mission critical enterprise solutions.

Oracle thought we had a disruptive solution



Our expertise was recognized by the acquisition by Oracle of our financial services Treasury Solution. The Oracle Treasury Module is now a key component in the Oracle Financials family of applications.

This proven expertise and commercial background combined with a solid financial base has allowed us the luxury to develop without constraints a high quality generic customer loyalty solution that's unmatched in its breadth of capabilities.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based around a collaborative partnership model with our clients to achieve a common goal - this compares to a traditional implementation under a customer-supplier hierarchy / relationship.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and highly responsive, as recognised by Top Fortune 500 companies selecting our approach over established marketing, commerce and loyalty solution providers.

We have representation in London, New York, Madrid and Australasia.